Dublin Register of Defectors

There have been a couple of news stories recently, which are relevant to the Right To Defect.


Firstly, The Irish Times has reported that the Dublin Archdiocese retains a register of those wishing to defect, even though Canon Law still prevents them from formally recognising those defections.


Secondly, the Iona Institute campaign to retain the alcohol ban on Good Friday, again cites the number of Roman Catholics in the country.


Whether it relates to the Census or the number of registered defections, those who don’t wish to be used by the Iona Institute in this way, can register their preference not to be counted among the number of Irish Catholics. One way to do that is to virtually defect on this web site.



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    Connie higgins May 12, 2017

    A member of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland you are registered as a Catholic under the Vatican. It Irish Constitution enshrines ‘religious’ properties and operations as exempt from Irish law because the church follow canon law. Irish State do not have a claim to our hospitals and schools that was built by the people’s money.
    Hence you are a ‘Roman’ first and Irish second. I do not scribe to a Roman Catholic country in Ireland. It must respect all people of all or no faith.

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    Timothy G. Slazyk July 03, 2017

    I was searching the web for a way to renounce my connection to the Roman Catholic Church, not because I don’t believe in Jesus Christ, because I do believe in Jesus Christ. As a matter of fact, I told God I was leaving the Roman Catholic Church, or more precisely, the Vatican, because I cannot be associated with that evil-to-the-core beast, and my relationship with God has never been better. It is my duty to follow what God warns of and to “Come out of her my people”. I am aware of the 30,000 guillotines that Vatican has covertly purchased with the help of the U.S. Army and Marines, which they plan on using on all non- Roman Catholics. I do support their Godless evil ways so they can count me out and try and catch me if they can. I pity anyone who doesn’t see just how evil the Vatican is and by extension, the Roman Catholic Church. I cannot be a part of any church that does not worship on the Sabbath, from sunset Friday to Sunset Saturday. Nor can I be a part of a church that has nothing but graven images inside the church and Vatican for people to kneel at and worship. Everything the Vatican passes down to the Roman Catholic Churches is evil-to-the-core. May God Bless all those who find the courage to remove themselves from the Vatican be renouncing their Roman Catholic involvement. The FEMA deathcamps, the millions of coffins, the guillotines, gas chambers and Orwellian world the Vatican is trying to create are proof that this evil Vatican plans on mass murdering 2/3 of the world population. I don;’t know how the Satanic Pope can live with himself knowing they are at the center of all the world’s orchestrated wars, famines and genocides. It is truly sickening. I, Timothy G. Slazyk, renounce my connection with the Vatican and Roman Catholic Church.


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