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    Paul Finlay March 20, 2018

    Once I learned, at a young age, that Santa Clause was a fantasy, I came to realise that God was also a fantasy. I accept that there is a place for religion in this existence, but would prefer if it was at the level of all the other fantasies, like, Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny etc. At least those fantasies do not control our lives like religion does.

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    Karen Walsh June 10, 2018

    Hello , I have just completed my separation from the Catholic Church.
    I feel so relieved. To me it was like a dictatorship in so many ways.
    It is a great feeling of freedom from a personal level.
    I am not a preacher and everybody to their own beliefs but thank you for setting this up. It is so appreciated. Sincerely, thank you .

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    John Phelan September 08, 2018

    Catholic church in this country is no longer wanted or needed

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    Ann Mcloughlin February 20, 2020

    I feel finally free of them it’s not Good for my mental health


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