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    Margaret Kavanagh, nee Reid. May 30, 2018

    Any belief i had as a younger person was born out of fear, i no longer believe in anything the catholic church has to say and i no longer wish to be associated in any way shape or form with it.

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    Ian Quigley November 21, 2018

    It is great to have the opportunity to show that gang of bigots that they are perpetrating fraud by claiming as members those who publicly declare that they do not recognise their [mostly] forced registration in the totalitarian cult. Regarding canon law, it is a joke; unenforceable against anyone who does not voluntarily knuckle under.

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    Noel Murphy July 20, 2021

    Re Notme.ie I recently saw on Euronews that an increasing number of German Roman Catholics are leaving the Church or at least deregistering from the church. In Germany a portion of your tax goes towards religious ceremonies so by deregistering you lose the right to participate in church weddings etc. This tax has made the German Roman Catholic Church very wealthy. I have little doubt that in Ireland the various church lobby groups use the numbers to maintain a position of influence. What if the German system of financing religion was introduced here. My guess is the influence of church would be eroded. As it is many people are a la carte practioners and just use church for ceremonies. How much money churches get through gifts, cash payments, payments for the various religious ceremonies, bequests in wills etc is very much hidden.


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