Atheist Ireland Websites’ Privacy Policy for NotMe

What information do we collect?

Atheist Ireland collects different levels of data depending on membership status for

  • For members we collect the following at registration
    • First name, last name, username, email and address are all required for registration. Post code, website/blog and telephone number are optional. We also collect the name of the church, parish and year involved with your baptism and if you seek to defect from catholic or other religions. There is also an option to add a reason for defection which gets shown to visitors of the site in the directory page.
  • In addition we also collect the following for all visitors to our websites
    • Session status – i.e. if your logged in or not
    • Web information – your browser information, ip address, url of the site you accessed our site from and url of the site you left our site for.

Do we collect information from visitors?

  • Yes – if you visit our site and are not logged in or a member or user of our websites your session and web information are still tracked.

Can this information be used to identify individuals or is it aggregated and anonymous?

  • Yes, if you are a member and are logged in we can identify you
  • If you are a visitor we can identify your ip and the pages you visit on our site, your point of entrance and point of departure

How will we use this information?

  • We use membership information to keep accurate records on membership of
  • We use session information to monitor if someone is logged in or not.
  • We use web information for google analytics and SEO purposes.   We also use web information as part of our security firewall to track and monitor activity within our sites.

Who has access to this information?

  • Access to membership information is restricted to the management committee of Atheist Ireland in particular its secretary.

Will we share this information with any other parties?

  • We do not share membership information bar name and reason for defecting listed on the directory page.
  • We use google analytics and other SEO tools to analyse web information.

How do we protect your information?

  • Members accounts are protected with their username/password
  • We have a firewall on our server and on our websites
  • We keep our website up to date with security releases
  • Local backups and cloud are keep securely with restricted access.

How will we notify visitors of changes to our policies?

  • We will link to this policy on our website’s footer.

Who should you contact with questions about your privacy policy?

  • contact